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The GORE-TEX Experience Tours give outdoor enthusiasts the chance to tackle some of the best outdoor challenges under the priceless supervision of seasoned pros. 
From mountaineering to outdoor photography, their experience gives lucky participants unique opportunities to master the unexpected and utilise what our great natural spaces has to offer. 
By putting in an application for each tour, possible candidates must post answers to questions like 'What is your motivation?' and 'How would you describe your personality?' onto the experience tour applicants page. 
They hope that people vote on their application and help build some awareness through their social media channels. Participants are then picked based on their online votes, a judges vote and an athletes vote. 
We are trying to be one of those lucky participants. 

We have applied to be a part of their latest experience tour that takes place on March 17th, just two weeks before we are due to set off on our 860 mile walk,

The 14 Peaks of Snowdonia 
The Fourteen Peaks Challenge will see three winners attempt to climb all fourteen of Snowdonia National Park's 3000ft+ peaks in 5 days. With this challenge being right on our door step and the Wales Coast Challenge just two weeks later, we pounced on the chance to be a part of this unique training opportunity. 
The benefits of taking on this challenge are both numerous and priceless. 

Priceless Preparation

Physical - Starting with the most obvious, tackling 14 3000ft+ peaks in 5 days is amazing training for the body. Although we could go and tackle them ourselves, being part of a group will allow us to really push ourselves. 

Mental - Training for the Wales Coast Challenge has been great for our mental health, just being outdoors more often and having a more balanced lifestyle. But as our jobs and other commitments constantly move our focus away from the task at hand, taking part in the GORE TEX challenge will give us that mental focus we need 2 weeks before walking a country's entire coast line. 

Gear - By March 17th, we'll hopefully have all the gear we need. Whether or not we'll be well versed in the use of all this gear, which to be honest will be pretty new to us, will be another thing. So this will be a great chance for us to get used to all of our gear and perhaps discover things we'll need we never would have thought of. The benefits of being around experienced pros. 

Experience - And finally, experience. The reason why the Gore Tex Experience Tours exist. To give people like us the chance to learn from people who have spent their lives utilizing the outdoors. What we could learn from the tour experts will be invaluable, this experience could even mean the difference between completing and not completing the challenge. A bold statement but you never know!

So that's it for now, we're still training hard after the festive season lull! 
Between amazing meetings with the guys at JVF-Nepal, the seemingly endless amounts of training and general awareness building activities, we'll try and find some time to keep getting this blog out and keeping you up to date on how our projects are benefiting from your involvement.  

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For our next blog, we'll be discussing the issue of 'Natural Childhood' and how re-connecting children with nature will benefit the country in so many positive ways. 

To read 'Natural Childhood' by Stephen Moss; 

For a full low down on the GORE TEX fourteen peaks challenge itinerary;  

We'd like to quickly thank Lynne Allbutt (@LynneAllbutt) for the article in the Western Mail and Dave Cornthwaite (@DaveCorn), adventurer and author best known for his Expedition1000 project, for the advice.  

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