I have never really understood blogging. That is until I had something to blog about. Yet, after reading several articles with names such as '100 tips a blogger should always know' and 'You're not a blogger unless...', I still felt that my most important questions had been left unanswered.

"Why would people read this blog? Why would they care? or even, What would they get out of it, if they were to both read and care about this blog?"

So we thought we would explain our reasons for this blog with the aim of helping you understand why it exists, the difference it can make and hopefully allow us to answer some of those questions. 

Why this blog exists

Throughout this blog, which will end in May 2013, we'll be learning about the best ways to get outdoors, how to make it accessible and how today's society can find more reasons to be outside.
From hiking tips to gear tips, the projects we help and those we plan on helping, we hope that you can learn with us and discover the benefits our natural spaces can offer us. 

We're utilising the Wales Coast Path, a path with many plaudits, to create a fundraiser that will get people interested and raise much needed funds for sustainable education, but for those who have not got the time, reconnecting with nature can offer so many physical, mental and emotional benefits that to ignore the current decline in outdoor child activity would be counter-productive to say the least.
If along the way we can all collaborate on these issues then we will hopefully create a blog that will help fund sustainable education, create awareness of our need to reconnect with nature and become a platform that will allow us all to learn together.

The Difference It Can Make

We're not trying to say this blog is going to change the world. The way this blog is going to make a difference is in affecting how far we will walk in April 2013. 
There's a chance, with the help of your input, for our ideas to evolve for an optimum output. Your comments on how we could choose a better hiking route or different style of training will be priceless. Which in more appropriate terms means that your information, your advice, your feedback could mean the difference between walking 700 miles and raising, let's say, £20,000, and us walking 860 miles which would raise £30,000. 

Your input could honestly be that valuable to us.   

The Answers To Our Questions

Why would people read this blog? 
Well hopefully they would like to learn how to make the outdoors work for them. Maybe they want to get fit for low cost and mountain walking is perfect for them. Maybe they are dealing with depression or other mental problems, hiking and outdoor activity has actually been proven to help in the healing  and dealing with processes. The main point we're trying to make is; we're learning about the outdoors, you can learn with us.

Why would people care?
The further we walk, the more money we raise. The more money we raise means the more we can spend on sustainable education systems in Nepal and Peru and the more projects we can fund that get kids active, outdoors and knowledgeable about global issues and fundraising. Reconnecting children with the outdoors is more important now than it ever was.
How are we going to walk further? With all of your help, all of your comments and feedback, all of your advice and wisdom. It is all of these things that will allow of to walk as far as we can, raise as much as we can and generate as much positive, sustainable change as we can.  
That is hopefully why people will care. 

What would people get if they were to both read and care about this blog?
They would get the satisfaction of making this challenge a SUCCESS.
A successful challenge results in a lot of good things happening and we can all be a part of it. Just by doing what we do every day. Logging onto the internet and reading about each others lives, we all do it, every single day, sometimes for hours. We want to learn with you, collaborate and enjoy what the coming months has to hold because we believe it has something to offer everyone. 


We believe this will work. We hope you do to. We look forward to sharing the coming months with you,

The Help Us Learn: Wales Coast Challenge Team. 

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