This April, we'll be attempting to walk the 860 mile Wales Coast Path in under 30 days. This huge expedition is part of a fundraising effort to support sustainable educational projects in Nepal, Peru, and our local community and beyond. 
Help Us Learn aims to raise the money our partner's projects need to continue their work. We then plan on continuing our work with schools through giving talks and running workshops that are designed to teach children about global education issues, fundraising and the importance of getting active and outdoors.

In Nepal we have partnered up with JVF-Nepal. They are a community based non governmental foundation that run projects that cover a range of fields including education, health care and sustainable agricultural development. With sustainability at the core of everything they do, Help Us Learn share these beliefs and goals that aim to create sustainable education systems. We are trying to raise an initial £7,500 to help extend their primary school which will improve the quality of the education they receive but also allow them to receive further schooling. One of the major problems is that they are not able to receive levels 6,7 and 8 of schooling and at the moment are forced to choose between a treacherous 2 hour trip in monsoon season to get this education or STOP their education all together. 

In Peru, Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol is a well established Spanish language academy based in South America with facilities in Bolivia,Ecuador and Peru. The organisation runs volunteer programs which include work in areas such as kindergarten, youth rehabilitation centres, babies and young children, nursery and primary school, medicine, disabled children and adults, children’s homes, wildlife park and community outreach.
The projects and programs have seen the lives of many children and adults alike changed for the better by providing a safer place in which to live and study.

In our local community we want to teach children about the projects we work to fund and the wider issues that affect children in similar positions around the world. Teaching children at an earlier age gives them a chance to experience these issues and we hope that as they grow older and have the capacity to fully understand them, they will be more inclined to act on the knowledge they have. 
We want to raise money to fund our school projects and allow ourselves the chance to give talks and run workshops designed to teach children about global issues, fundraising and the importance of being active. 
A big part of the talk is trying to get them thinking about unique, interesting ways to fundraise. Hopefully their ideas take them outdoors and beyond, this is important for several reasons. Fundraising teaches vital leadership, organisational qualities and ignites creative skills whilst getting them outdoors combats child inactivity. As mentioned, child inactivity is something we have been concerned with since the beginning and with a plethora of new research being published recently it's time to really start finding ways to combat it. 

What we aim to achieve is simple. Raise enough money to support sustainable education systems abroad and tell children in the UK about our efforts. We want children to be aware of these issues and inspire them to think of creative ways to help fund more educational projects around the world. Children can be the most creative people in the world because they are not afraid to be wrong. By working to fund our partners projects and inspiring children to carry out similar work hopefully we'll inspire a new generation of 'sustainable fundraisers'. People who are aware of the issues, aware of how to fundraise and when the opportunity comes in their lives to contribute to the global effort, these people will embrace it. As opposed to never knowing the opportunity was there for them to utilize. 

We're inviting you to follow our blog and learn about the projects, organisations and the people trying to solve some of the above problems. 

Wishing you good times during the festive season, 

The Help Us Learn Team. 

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