The community, despite all their members have been working hard for generations, is still far away from meeting the basic needs that are essential in order to lead a prosperous life. Realizing that waiting for the government to cater for their basic needs such as essential health care provisions, primary education, and clean drinking water - that may take several years if not decades to be materialised - a village meeting took place on December 20th, 2008, asking the following questions:

How can natural resources be used in the most sustainable way?

How can the community mobilize human resources and live up to its true potentials so that the living standards of the community are improved?

What will the community leave behind for future generations?

The answer to these questions grew into their ambition: we work together to make this village a 'Role Model Village' in order to improve our living standards and to inspire other village communities in Nepal!

And the key to success is education. And this is where Help Us Learn and the Island Peak Expedition comes into the picture.



Our long term vision:

We are going to establish a Vocational and Technical College in our community by 2025. It may sound too ambitious of a project for some, which is understandable as the primary school building does not meet even the basic standards of school infrastructure at the moment. But we know that without any ambition as well as a well-thought-out plan, decades could pass by and we could still be where we are today. That is an unacceptable state that we will not leave behind for future generations.

Where do we stand?

Our first focus is to improve our primary school building infrastructures, increase the number of teachers, and run adult education programmes in our community. According to a recent survey 65% of the community members cannot read and write!

Therefore, once the community centre is completed by the end of this year, we will have a community hall where we will run adult education programmes every evening for those who never had a chance to go to school. Our goal is to make our village hundred per cent literate within 5 years.

The Island Peak Charity Challenge and the Wales Coast Charity Challenge are part of the final push to provide the essential support that will enable the community to realise their Primary School Extension Project and send two young graduates to Kathmandu to complete a degree in Animal Science and Plant Science.



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There has been made provision of free shelter,food,supervision for earthquake victims who currently got discharged from hospital and have lost their family members.Patanjali yogpeeth nepal runs Disaster Relief Missions so Donate and Support For Nepal.


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